Volunteer Positions

Open AVMA Positions

From the AVMA: We invite you to explore the Committee and Council positions available this year and in 2021.  Please visit the Volunteer Opportunities section of the AVMA website to learn more.  The list of vacancies includes the incumbents whose terms end in August 2021, and are identified by an asterisk (*) next to their names.  Please note that those individuals eligible for reappointment must still be nominated to be considered.

Nominations for currently vacant positions are being accepted on an ongoing basis until those positions are filled.  For positions expiring in August 2021, the deadline to submit nominations for Committee positions is March 31, 2021, and the deadline to submit nominations for Council positions is April 1, 2021.


  • All Committee nominations must include the Nomination Form and a 1-2 page resume.
  • For Councils, a nomination is considered complete only when each of the following has been received:  Nomination Form, Campaign Guide document, photo and 2-minute video.  Complete nominations received by the April 1 deadline will be included in the Campaign Guide that is disseminated to the House of Delegates members prior to the HOD meeting.  Nominations received after the April 1 deadline will require a nomination from the floor during the HOD meeting, and must be received no later than 10 days before the HOD Session at which they will occur.

Please submit all nominations via email to [email protected].  As a reminder, all committee nominations must include the nomination form and a 1-2 page resume.

If you have a question or would like to learn more about a specific entity, please contact [email protected] or 847-285-6605. We encourage you to please forward this email on to anyone else you know who may be interested.

MVMA Volunteer Positions

The MVMA is not currently seeking volunteers for any particular positions, however, we are always looking for members who want to be more involved in our Board or committees. Our Legislative Committee and Continuing Education Committee both need volunteers. If you are interested in either of these committees, or in participating on the MVMA Board, please contact Katherine Soverel ([email protected]).

Other Opportunities

From York County Community College: In addition to the lecture and simulation work on models and equipment, the AVMA requires that students perform anesthesia monitoring and surgical case nursing on actual dogs or cats. We are in urgent need of a clinical site for one 2nd year veterinary technician student to complete their live animal skills and a minimum of 16 hours between now and Dec. 15. The student needs to observe the hospital's anesthesia protocol, then progress to performing the hands on skills such as surgical case intake, placing an IV catheter, assisting anesthesia administration and monitoring, set up the surgical suite, post-op disinfection, writing records and communicating discharge instructions. If you are willing to help a student complete the requirements they have been working so hard to learn, please email the course instructor, Alicia Soliman, DVM,  at [email protected]. The student is from Washington County and stays in northern York county Tue-Friday. Thus southern Maine or Washington county clinical sites would be doable. (posted 10/22/20)

During these challenging times, Dr. Coville in Aroostook County would like to offer a small “future” opportunity for recovery and recuperation. Once the Covid-19 crisis is behind us, and the restrictions on casual movement are lifted – a “get-away” might be just what you want as a stepping stone to a brighter and more normal tomorrow. Dr. Coville has a rustic cabin on the shore of a 16,000 acre lake. The front windows look out across 2 miles of water to a wooded Canadian shoreline. The location is 3 miles in off the pavement on a well kept dirt road. The vast surrounding acreage is sparsely occupied with much of it in conservation easement. The camp itself offers all the expected features and services including Internet and Wifi. A limited number of “post-Covid rejuvenation opportunities” will be offered to fellow Maine veterinarians by Dr. Coville once the State allows such actions. If interested please inquire at [email protected] regarding details, dates, and terms of use. Good Luck and Best of Health to Everyone.