Service Awards

Each year, the MVMA recognizes a member of our community who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to our profession, our community, and the welfare of animals.

For 2016, the MVMA has recognized Bill Bell. He has been involved with the MVMA for more than 20 years, first as a lobbyist and then as our executive director. Over this time, he has contributed to countless efforts in the benefit of the veterinary profession.  Some of his recent notable legislative efforts have been representing the veterinary community with regard to a bill which would have required mandatory prescriptions, known as the “Walmart Bill”. Additionally, he gained an optional exclusion from jury duty for veterinarians who have no alternatives for providing care for their patients. He contributed to expanding forgiveness student loans offered in Maine to food animal graduates from any accredited veterinary school. Even more recently, he has helped us with the revisions of the veterinary practice act, which has brought modern protections for both veterinarians and clients in the State of Maine, and he has contributed to helping us navigate the complexities of the opioid legislation. He has given a lifetime of commitment to the veterinarians and animals of Maine, and for this reason we have chosen to honor him.

Nominations for next year's MVMA Service Award can be submitted to [email protected]. Please include a brief description of the nominees contributions to the veterinary profession in Maine or animal welfare in Maine.