Committees & How to get Involved

Interested in joining one of the MVMA's committees? Contact us at [email protected]!

Legislative and Regulatory Committee

This committee meets virtually on Mondays at 12pm on a biweekly basis during the legislative session each year. It is charged with:

  • Reviewing proposed legislation and regulations and formulating an MVMA position
  • Representing the MVMA in front of the state legislature, working groups, stakeholder groups, or in other formats whenever possible as requested by the Legislative-Regulatory Committee Chair
  • Providing oral and/or written testimony in support of MVMA positions on legislative as needed, or help identify other individuals to do so

Current members:

Dr. Janelle Tirrell (Chair)
Dr. Amanda Bisol
Dr. Casey Cole
Dr. Susan Chadima
Dr. Joan Hendricks
Dr. Bradley Schipper


Continuing Education Committee

The MVMA's CE committee meets virtually on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm on a monthly basis from September through May each year. The committee is charged with:

  • Assisting the CE Committee Chair in identifying speakers and sponsors for the Winter and Summer Meetings
  • Identifying speakers and sponsors for the Power of 10 and other continuing education meetings outside of the Winter and Summer Meetings
  • Appropriately evaluating meetings and surveying members to identify meeting topics and formats that are of interest to members
  • Working closely with the Executive Director to plan and execute all meetings

Current Members:

Dr. Kate Domenico (Chair)
Dr. Kristine Hoyt
Dr. Sarah Schipper


This committee is currently actively recruiting new members. Contact [email protected] if you are an MVMA member interested in joining!


Wellness Committee

 The MVMA's Wellness Committee formed in April 2021. It meets virtually on Tuesdays at 7:30pm on a monthly basis. This is the oversight group that has formal responsibility for executing and supporting wellness programming and education to the MVMA Members. This includes promoting and motivating people to participate in the program activities. Wellness is defined as the pursuit of mental, emotional, physical and environmental health. The purpose of this committee is to promote mental health awareness, access to resources, and building a sense of community in the MVMA.


  1. To increase access to and awareness of mental health support systems available in Maine. 
  2. Foster a sense of community amongst veterinarians in the state of Maine through social gatherings, and 
  3. Promotion of material educating members on work-place wellness programming and healthy work boundaries. 

Committee members:

Dr. Melanie Bowden (Chair)
Dr. Amanda Bisol
Dr. Shannon Emmons
Dr. Joe Edelman