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Congratulations to Drs. Ezra Stein and Amanda Bisol!

MVMA Service Award
The MVMA Service Award recognizes an individual who has contributed to organized veterinary medicine in the state of Maine. All MVMA members are invited to make nominations and the MVMA Board of Directors selects a winner. This year Dr. Amanda Bisol was nominated by three different people. In her nomination, Dr. Joan Hendricks wrote: "I would like to nominate Amanda Bisol for the service award. Her commitment to both the Maine VMA and the AVMA are steadfast and include her yard work toward a law degree to make herself more valuable. She's a treasure and a role model."


MVMA Distinguished Colleague Award

The MVMA Distinguished Colleague Award recognizes our colleagues around the state doing amazing work and supporting each other. Nominations are made by MVMA members and membership votes to select the winner. Dr. Ezra Stein was selected as the 2023 Distinguished Colleague Award winner. One MVMA member wrote: "Ezra is always such a positive and supportive colleague. His amazing surgical skills, his humility, kindness, approachability, and willingness to help anyone that needs help is a perfect example of what we should all try to be."

Upcoming intradermal rabies vaccine clinics

The MVMA will holding rabies vaccine clinics in Waterville September 6, 13, and 27. Registration to open in June. We will also be offering titers December 9, 2024 (registration for those who only want a titer in October).

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