MVMA Spring Meeting

Saturday, May 18, 2019
Eastport Hall, 128 Texas Avenue, University of Maine at Augusta-Bangor Campus, Bangor, ME


Track 1: A Fun Day in the Life of a Veterinary Dermatologist with Jeffrey Vogel, DVM, DACVD - 6 CEUs

Dr. Vogel grew up watching his father, a small animal veterinarian, practice in a private clinic attached to his home. He followed the legacy path and went to Cornell for 10 long years of education (undergrad, vet school, residency) in "sunny" Ithaca, NY.   During his busy private practice rotating internship in Connecticut, Dr. Vogel acquired a fondness for the itchy/smelly derm cases the other interns did not want to touch.  After his residency, Dr. Vogel started derm services at specialty/ER clinics in Syracuse, NY and Manchester, NH before going off on his own 4 years ago.  He was one of the first members of the ACVD ethics committee, whose main purpose was to mediate disputes over the actions of those practicing vet dermatology.  His professional interests include atopic dermatitis and its interplay with Staphylococcus and Malassezia, and autoimmune skin disease.  Outside of work he is a husband to an ER veterinarian wife and father to 3 kids (7, 5, 0.5), would retire and play golf all day if possible, and loves to cook for friends and family. 


 Topics to be covered:

  • Viral skin disease
  • Superficial pemphigus
  • Otitis externa
  • Pododermatitis 
  • Allergies — current concepts in etiology and therapy
  • (Resistant) Staph Pyoderma— job security for you and me

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Track 2: Equine Medicine Topics Ranging from Neurological Conditions to Foal Assessment with Alisha Gruntman, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Large Animal) - 6 CEUs

 Dr. Gruntman, DVM, PhD, DACVIM is an assistant professor with both the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Gruntman is the section chief for Large Animal Medicine at Tufts and specializes clinically in large animal internal medicine. She grew-up in rural Indiana and did her undergraduate work in animal science at Purdue University. After completing her veterinary training at Purdue University, Dr. Gruntman completed her internship, medicine residency, and a year of post-doctoral research at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. She also holds a PhD in Biomedical Science, specializing in gene therapy, from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Gruntman’s research focuses on gene therapies for rare genetic diseases in both human and veterinary patients. In addition to clinical, administrative and research work she enjoys the challenge of teaching and mentoring veterinary students, medicine interns and residents as well as interacting with local veterinarians. In her free-time she loves gardening, beekeeping, baking and wrangling her two young daughters.


Topics to be covered:
  • Diagnosis and treatment of EPM
  • Vitamin E and selenium deficiency in horses
  • Assessment and care of neonatal foals on the farm
  • Brief updates on: where we are now with fecal transfaunation to treat chronic diarrhea
  • Diagnosing and treating/managing metabolic disease and Cushings disease


Track 3: Diagnostic Hematology for the Veterinary Technician/Nurse with Dennis B. DeNicola, DVM, PhD, DACVP - 6 CEUs

Dr. DeNicola received both his DVM in 1978 and PhD in 1981 from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine.  As full professor, he directed the teaching hospital clinical pathology laboratory and was the primary clinical pathology educator for veterinary students, interns and residents.  After 21 years on faculty at Purdue, he joined IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. in 2002 supporting both R&D and education activities.  He has been an invited speaker at over 300 international education symposia and has authored or co-authored over 150 refereed manuscripts, textbook chapters, monographs and textbooks. In 2017, he received the ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award in Veterinary Clinical Pathology.





Topics to be covered:

  • In-house hematology: The role of the veterinary technician/nurse in assuring quality results
  • The value of the blood film review and how to perform it in 1-3 minutes
  • Clinical case discussions part 1 – The digital blood film laboratory – Common RBC abnormalities
  • Clinical case discussions part 2 – The digital blood film laboratory – Common WBC abnormalities
  • Clinical case discussions part 3 – The digital cytology laboratory – Common Platelet abnormalities and Uncommon CBC findings
  • Clinical case discussions part 4 – The digital blood film laboratory – Miscellaneous case discussions
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8:00-9:00 am: Registration and continental breakfast
9:00-12:00 pm: CE presentations (with mid-morning break)
12:00-2:00 pm: Lunch  
2:00-5:00 pm: Continuation of CE presentations (with afternoon break)


MVMA Members: $180
Non-member veterinarians: $230
Technicians and staff: $75
Exhibitors: $250

There is a $25 late fee for all day-of registrations.

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